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Pumpkins 2016
2016 Pumpkins from our Staff
Pumpkins 2013
Dino's Annual Pumpkin Contest Submissions.
Old Memorabilia
A Walk Down Memory Lane
Photos from the Past
A collection of neat photos of Dino's over the years.
Dino's Seaville Diner Today
Photos of Dino's & our wonderful employees, today.
25 Year Employees
Employee's who have been with us for over 25 years!
Photos of some our long time customers!
Awards & Recognitions
Awards and Certificates of Appreciation presented to Dino's.
Aricles & Reviews
Some past articles & reviews of Dino's.
Summer 2011
Staff & Customer Photos from the Summer of 2011
Summer 2010
Photos of Customers and Staff from The Summer of 2010
Pumpkins 2012
Dino's Annual Pumpkin Contest Submissions.
Pumkins 2011
This Year's Pumpkin Contest Submissions.
Pumpkin Contest 2010
Dino's 2010 Pumpkin Contest Winner!
Dino's Annual Pumpkin Contest
Dino's 2009's Pumpkin Contest Winner!
Fall 2010 Car Show
Sponsored By Jersey Cape AACA
Dino's Spring 2010 Car Show
Sponsored By Jersey Cape AACA.
Dino's Fall 2009 Car Show
In Honor of Dino Karayiannis, Sponsored By Jersey Cape AACA.
Snow 2010
Halloween 2009
Employees dressed in their Halloween costumes!
Rudy Giuliani's Campaign Visit
Rudy Giuliani at Dino's on the Presidential Campaign Trail.
Kindred Soul's Diner Tour
Dino's participated in a benefit for N.J.'s Food Banks .
Christmas Party 2010
2009 Christmas Party
Photos and Logos for Ads.
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